Bringing revolutionary changes by continuous updates is the new trend of the tech industry and when it comes to the brand Apple then expectations go high by default.

Apple is used to be the standard setter because of its unexample features and promising performance but in the last few models of the iPhone series Apple has broken their fans heart.

Especially the iPhone 12 has a disheartening impression among the fans.

Yeah, we know Apple has never compromised with the performance but nowadays performance is not only a concerning matter to the users rather Apple fanbase has their own demand.

Where the other tech giants are offering so many appealing features then it is undeniable to expect a revolutionary update from Apple too.

We will present a list of expectations that we have from Apple in the upcoming iPhone 13.

Display of Apple iPhone 13

At the top of our demand list, we have its display if we look at the latest iPhone 12 series Apple is now providing four different screen sizes starting with a 5.4-inch display on the tool minis to a massive 6.7-inch display on the pro max.

And you might already know that the Apple iPhones are now offering oled displays compared to previous versions which are good enough but have you observed that Apple hasn’t worked on the notch and bezel size.

We are tolerating a big ugly notch on the display and compared it with larger bezels and their screen from the very beginning of iPhone x and they have brought the same irritating notch and bezel size on display in the latest iPhone 12 as well.

Apple has made zero percent change in this department and it is really disappointing.

Competitors of Apple

Where the other competitors of Apple for example Samsung notary ultra has an amazing 91% screen to body ratio which not only feels comfortable to the eyes but also looks is spotless on hands.

The Apple lovers like us really want to have a new display without any notch and Bezel in iPhone 13 so we can enjoy the experience of a clean full screen like the Samsung users.

Our expectation from the display doesn’t end here another disappointing feature about the display is the 60hz panels.

Now almost all the smartphone companies are providing 120hz screens which is double then iPhone 12.

Such a discredit NO? So Apple should increase its refreshing rate in the updated iPhone 13.

Where most of the smartphone manufacturers adding new dimensions to their designs Apple is going backward design-wise in iPhone 12 Apple has taken a reverse tour into the golden days of steve jobs.

They brought back the boxy shape design of the old iPhone 4 and the 4s which was released back in 2011.

I know these models were quite popular then but the iPhone 12 is the refreshing copy of their old models means no new invention at all.

So having big hopes are completely normal from a take ideal giant like Apple that iPhone 13 will be presented in a newly furnished look.

Camera of Apple iPhone 13

If you look at the camera although they have upgraded the rear cameras but they didn’t touch a bit on their front camera sensors and the maximum zooming capability in iPhone 12 pro is 10x which is inadequate in today’s demand where the other phones are offering 100x.

Seriously it is a huge difference isn’t it?

A better zooming experience is a must and Apple should fill this gap and work on it at least for the sake of its reputation.

iPhone is quite popular because of its unbeatable performance but the storage and the battery capacity Apple serves at their vanilla variants hardly coordinate with the remarkable features.

For the users who will not be able to afford the pro or max variant of the iPhone 13 series Apple should increase the storage and battery capacity.

So the users also can take complete use of these excellent features otherwise there is no point of being an Apple user.


When it comes to security Apple has a quite good reputation but at these pandemic days unlocking the iPhone with face id is challenging to use while wearing a face mask.

As a biometric security feature, it would be very useful if Apple attaches a new on-screen fingerprint reader in the iPhone 13 or it will be also good to go if we have this touch id security below of the power button like they are providing in ipad air 2020.

Lastly most desired and long time demanding feature that the Apple users are asking for is nothing else but the USB-C port.

We’re expecting in 2021 iPhone 13 will rely on USB-C instead of lightning-like they have switched to the iPad Pro in 2018.

But earlier Remorsely spoke about Apple’s portless iPhone feature we will hardly accept the update that Apple is about to introduce but we don’t want to suffer from the lightning port anymore.

Who doesn’t want a new tech?

As an Apple user the realization is disheartening to me that Apple is losing its heritage of surprising with sensational innovation in the iPhone series.

After all they are the biggest tech giant and if they don’t want to lose their fan base then just refreshing their old models will not gonna work anymore.

Like the update in other sectors of Apple products of the latest android smartphones we also want to enjoy the use of leading edge technology.

And for a tech giant like Apple it is not a big deal. Right?

Let us know about your expectation from your beloved Apple in the upcoming iPhone 13 in the comment section below.

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