With the Tag small chip giant leap, Apple has just launched their brand new Silicon Chip just for the new Macbook lineup called the M1 two weeks back.

Now, the rumors have already started that apple is cooking another ARM-based chip tentatively called the M1X although the name is yet to be confirmed.

According to the leaks Apple Pro, Apple M1X is coming up with more Heroic CPU cores in the 2021 Macbook pro 16 in comparison to the M1 chip or any other processor ever has.

So there is a bundle of questions that are arising in my mind and I’m sure you also have the same curiosity about the efficiency of performance, GPU, Optimized App and what’s new we are going to experience in the updated Macbook Pro 16 packed with the M1X.

Apple Silicon M1X Leaks

Apple lovers like us know very well that Apple is one of the most promising brands in its product quality if they bring a new series of M1 chips undoubtedly it would be better than the previous one.

A tweet has come from known Leakster, leaks apple pro that revealed a few crucial details regarding the next-gen Apple Silicon.

As per the tweet, the Apple M1X chip will feature 12 cores comprising 8 performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores.

We are hoping that the newly furnished chip would arrive at the 16-inch Macbook pro and will soon be unveiled in a press release.

When we look back at the single threaded performance of the low power silicon in the Mac gains in performance per watt have been very small from one chip to the next but when we look at M1 which comes with multiple threaded and powered by four performance cores we can see a massive improvement in performance per watt.

Based on that tweet there are eight cores for intensive performance which is double in comparison to M1 it means the expected performance is beyond imagination.

According to the Whistleblower the source using the prototype said if you think the M1 is fast, you must have never seen the M1X.

The M1X is set to arrive sometime in the first quarter of 2021.

According to the source of the leak so being patient i’m taking the launch date as a grain of salt.

But the excitement is getting high because in M1 we are already having the world’s fastest integrated graphics in our favorite Macbook so what is next above of it that apple is planning to serve us.

Are we going to have a dedicated GPU or are they going to increase the core of integrated graphics, the information is still unrivaled but after having an amazing experience with the M1 it is very obvious to expect that the upcoming M1X will be a beast.

A research note recently obtained by MacRumors M1X will offer 64 gigabytes of RAM and 8 terabytes of storage means storage may remain the same that apple used to provide in M1 there is no option of enhancement of RAM.

So will M1X offer us the ram upgrade freedom as the Macbook pro 16 inch is about to unveil no one knows what surprising specification is waiting for us?

The last question we have is whether M1X name will stick after all if it’s really got double the number of performance scores apple may want to pick a name that reflects the boost in power.

Anyway, that’s what we know at this moment about the apple M1X chip nevertheless if we come across some more updates we will certainly let you know about them in another article.