ANKER has recently decided to dabble in the manufacturing of wireless earphones. Under the brand name soundcore ANKER has released some best truly high-performing earbuds.

You might be wondering about their performance and sound quality.

Are they affordable? Will they be able to compete for neck to neck with kings like Apple’s Airpods or Samsung Galaxy’s buds? What about with other wireless earphones from Sony Jbl or even Bose?

Trust me when I say this soundcore has come up with some of the best performing solid working devices that are going to blow your mind for sure.

Yeah i know.

Everyone has their pros and cons but overall I must say that anchor has really stepped up their game all while providing affordable price tax for their products.

Today’s we will be talking about the best wireless ANKER earbuds the Liberty 2 pro, the Spirit dot 2 and lastly the Spirit x2.

These 3 are ANKER’s latest release of earbuds and are considered to be the best of their products.

I will also be showing side by side comparisons of all their notable functionalities.

Sound Quality and comfort of ANKER Earbuds

According to ANKER, the Liberty 2 pro is recommended by 10 Grammy award-winning producers as it provides impeccable depth and nuanced studio sound quality and why wouldn’t they.

Engineered with 11mm dynamic drivers and an architecture which they are calling Astria coaxial Acoustic.

These earbuds completely eliminate interference while producing harmonized treble and bass for jaw dropping sound quality.

Though these buds are a little bulky which caused them to stick out of my ears over the course of this review I have come to feel very comfortable wearing them and I was able to securely carry them in my ears while walking or just sitting at my desk.

The Spirit.2 on the other hand is slightly lightweight and smaller in size with this design of earbuds I typically have issues in finding the right fit in which I feel confident running with but that wasn’t the issue in this case.

ANKER earbuds have provided numerous ear tips and air filled wing stabilizers that create a firm and secure but soft and comfortable fit.

Once I had it configured I had no problems wearing them at all, about the sound quality i was impressed anchor has absolutely nailed it.

With its composite drivers and base methodology I enjoyed my playlist in a whole new way.

Compared to the other two the Spirit x2 is made in a completely different style as you can see this earbud has an around ear hook design which I had to slightly twist to lock them with my ears.

Although heavier, these buds provide a lot more secure fitting when it comes to sound quality these bots are equipped with 12mm composite driver with base turbo acoustic design which injects deeper base audio.

The overall sound quality is really good but this design does not appeal to me as I felt this earphone is built for workout sessions at the gym.

Sadly none of these buds provide active noise cancellation but considering the price range it is quite understandable.


When it comes to waterproofing the Spirit x2 is the best option as it has IP68 rating and Sweat guard technology which means that you can dive in over three feet of water like a breeze.

The Spirit Dot 2 on the other hand has IPX7 rating as well as the sweat guard technology.

After 3 Liberty 2 pro lags behind with its IPX4 rating it might protect these buds from small water splashes but you still need to be careful while using them.

ANKER Earbuds Calling

What are earbuds these days if you are not able to receive calls even though all of these earbuds have microphones not all of them performs equally.

The Liberty 2 pro has 4 microphones with uplink noise reduction technology and that is good enough to answer personal phone calls but I would not prefer them during business meetings or conference calls.

On the other hand both the Spirit Dot 2 and X2 comes with two microphones the only difference being the X2 has a cVc 8.0 uplink noise reduction feature.

The Spirit Dot 2 is sadly not that great. The microphone has a sharp drop-off and as a result some of the lower voice notes don’t come across that slap to the person on the other end.

Nevertheless I would still recommend it for personal calls but not for using a professional phone calls.

Charging Case, Battery Life & Wireless Charging

Things are going to get a little spicier as now we’re going to talk about battery life and charging.

So the Liberty 2 pro’s case is made of soft plastic that looks like it should be a fingerprint magnet but it really isn’t.

It is one of the coolest cases I’ve ever used as the lid slides back to reveal the earbuds.

About the battery life ANKER claims 8 hours of constant playback on a single charge with a total of 32 hours with the charging case.

We put this to the test and found that these bots last a total of 8 hours and 35 minutes which isn’t the best we’ve ever tested but it actually is slightly better than what ANKER claimed.

So kudos to them, the case also has wireless charging feature so you can place it on any wireless charging mat and use it up as well.

On the other hand the Spirit dot 2’s case is the smallest among all three due to its small case ANKER claims 5.5 hours of constant playback and a total of 16 hours of battery life with the charging case.

But during our testing these earbuds have surpassed my expectations by lasting exactly six hours.

Though these numbers are slightly lower compared to the other two it covers up with its spill size form factor that nicely fits into my pocket without any problem at all.

As for the cons I was hoping that this case will be wireless charging compatible but it’s not nevertheless this is not a deal breaker considering its price.

Talking about the Spirit X2 case it is the biggest in size among all as the case is bigger.

It also packs the bigger battery ANKER claims 9 hours of play time from these buds and a total of 36 hours with the charging case but in our testing we managed to squeeze out exactly 10 hours and 49 minutes of battery life which just blew me away.

So these are the anchor earbuds that i feel are the best overall in terms of their specific fields.

Reason to Buy Liberty 2 pro

But as for my recommendation, I would suggest the Liberty 2 pro for anyone who loves more bass, more sound and more music. Though the price is a bit higher compared to the other two it is justified by its amazing sound quality and overall features.

Reason to Buy Spirit dot 2

The Spirit dot 2 being much smaller and compact I would recommend this for anyone who likes to travel a lot as it is best for everyday carry and use and for someone who is comfortable with getting their ears heavy.

Reason to Buy Spirit X2

Lastly, if you are looking for a pair of earphones to accompany you during your intense workout sessions then the ANKER Soundcore Spirit X2 are hands down my best recommendation.