iPhone SE Plus Leaks & Rumors | Apple In-Display Touch ID

The iPhone SE 2020 launched in mid-april 2020 as the first affordable iPhone app was released since the iPhone 8 in late 2017 but according to rumors there’s another mid-range […]

CES 2021

Top 10 New Tech Launched at CES 2021 | LG | Samsung | TCL

So you have been waiting for CES 2021 right? Well the time has finally arrived and like every year CES 2021 is happening right now and all the manufacturers are […]

One Plus 9 Pro

Oneplus 9 Pro – Huge Upgrade! The Specs, Design, Launch Date & Price

Today we have news that the Oneplus 9 Pro is getting a huge upgrade and I’ll be sharing the details right after this. So this week we’ve got news of […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 – This Can’t Be Real!

Today we have a shocking discovery for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and We’ll be sharing the details right after this. So this week we’ve got news of many […]

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 Expectation | What Apple Fan Wants

Bringing revolutionary changes by continuous updates is the new trend of the tech industry and when it comes to the brand Apple then expectations go high by default. Apple is […]

iphone 12

iPhone 12 Broke Apple Fan’s Heart

As we all know the iPhone 12 series are the newest and greatest flagships from Apple and they are claiming that these phones are the most powerful and feature packed […]

Apple Silicon M1X Leaks

Apple Silicon M1X Leaks & Expectations | Another Apple Silicon on the Way

With the Tag small chip giant leap, Apple has just launched their brand new Silicon Chip just for the new Macbook lineup called the M1 two weeks back. Now, the […]

Best ANKER Earbuds

Top 3 Best ANKER Earbuds Reviews in 2021

ANKER has recently decided to dabble in the manufacturing of wireless earphones. Under the brand name soundcore ANKER has released some best truly high-performing earbuds. You might be wondering about […]

MacBook with M1 Chip

New MacBooks with M1 Chip | M1 Macbook vs Intel Macbook

For the first time in nearly 15 years Apple’s newest Macbook and Mac mini didn’t come with the intel processor instead they have used the brand new Apple Macbook with […]

Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon | The Future of Mac

While most computer and smartphone manufacturers have been reliant on others for the operating systems and processors on the devices. Apple was the only company to rely on their own […]