So you have been waiting for CES 2021 right? Well the time has finally arrived and like every year CES 2021 is happening right now and all the manufacturers are ready to show their latest innovative gadgets and products.

So in this article, we will show you the top 10 brands launch products at CES 2021. Let’s see what CES 2021 has got for us.

LG’s new laptops at the CES 2021

LG has brought a couple of new laptops at the CES 2021 which includes two convertible laptops in 14 and 16-inch screen sizes while the other grams are in 14,16 and 17-inch screen sizes.

Out of them the gram 16 is certified as the world’s lightest 16-inch laptop by the Guinness book of world records.

All these laptops have been repackaged with an improved 16:10 ratio display that will help you enhance all of your productivity.

These laptops are Intel Evo platform certified powers an 11 Gen Intel Processor with iris xe graphics.

Watching TV in bed is already an everyday luxury but the 55-inch transparent OLED smart bed is a concept from LG display that achieves 40 transparency it’s not a bad itself but rather a unit that sits at the foot of your bed that has got a transfer display which can slide in and out of its housing.

Another one is the LG’s bendable OLED display which utilizes an extremely thin OLED panel and features a 48-inch screen size.

With a tap of button this display can unfold to a curvature of 1000r for immersion while gaming.

Besides it can also be straightened out to a flat display while watching regular tv shows.

On top of that this tv uses a cinematic sound OLED or CSO panel which has an ultra thin-film exciter underneath to turn the entire screen into a loudspeaker.

To bring the cinematic experience into your home LG has introduced its Cinebeam projector this projector features an 8.3-megapixel sensor that delivers a true 4k UHD resolution at up to 300 inches of projection screen size.

Besides it features adaptive contrast and brightness optimizer with 97% dual laser DCI P3 color space with a huge 2 million by 1 contrast ratio.

This projector also adapts the HDR pro-technology with dynamic tone mapping to deliver optimized picture quality each time.

It also offers a filmmaker mode and runs on the web OS 5.0 operating system which will let you explore a variety of tv shows and movies with a simple connection to your wi-fi network.

So LG has also introduced a couple of extraordinary monitors at this CES event, out of them the first is the LG ultra gear models which are the 34 inch 34GP950G, the 27 inch 27GP950 and the 32-inch 32GP850.

The 34-inch ultra gear monitor offers ultra-low latency gameplay with Nvidia G-Sync ultimate compatibility for playing games at maximum smoothness.

On the other hand, the 27 inch model is compatible with the latest consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox series x and offers HDMI 2.1 with a variable refresh rate to play games at a true 4k or even 8k pretty smoothly.

Another one is the 32-inch version which offers an IPS panel with one millisecond creating great response time with a larger field of view to play fast-paced huddles without any lag.

Besides the ultra gear models, LG has also introduced its 40-inch 40WP95C ultrawide monitor which offers true 5120×2160 ultrawide resolution to provide the ultimate productivity and it also offers thunderbolt connectivity for better compatibility and cable connectivity.

Apart from the ultra gear and ultrawide models, LG has also introduced an ultra fine monitor which is a 32 inch 32EP950 model.

This is LG’s first-ever OLED monitor it has got 99% of DCIP3 color gamut which can be highly beneficial for visual tech and for creative professionals.

Samsung at CES 2021

Samsung has also made its mark in this year’s virtual CES event by introducing their latest 4k and 8k Neo Qled, as well as a massive 110 inch 4k tv micro led.

The Neo Qled Tv integrate quantum mini led panel that is further assisted by quantum matrix and new quantum processor for a pre-sized and optimized visual experience.

Besides they also come with their latest rechargeable remote which can be charged with this included usb type c port or solar panel.

Samsung is taking micro led and putting it into a more traditional tv form factor they announced the massive 110 inch 4k tv as micro led and you will not really notice any bezels or borders as they has a 99.99% screen to body ratio.

Samsung still managed to build in an embedded majestic sound system that it claims delivers break taking 5.1 channel sound with no external speaker.

Samsung has put forward a new range of S and Q series soundbars in the CES 2021 to go along with the lens killer TVs now there will be atmos playback, calibration microphone and one-click bass boost mode.

The Chromebook has gone through some improvements and in this CES event, Samsung has unveiled the galaxy Chromebook 2.

A two-in-one laptop that comes with 1080 ADP Qled display updated chrome OS and an optimized battery all at a reduced price point.

Samsung has also entered into intelligent robotics and introduced a robot that breaks barriers for all with human-centered AI.

This robot has a display on the front to which you can have a video meeting with your colleagues, besides there is another robot that can be your housekeeping companion as it can do your essential household works or whatever you command just to make your life simpler and convenient.

Acer has also joined the CES 2021

Acer has also joined the CES 2021 hype train with the trial of gaming monitors which are targeted towards the next-gen console and competitive gamers.

The 28-inch nitro kicks off the monitor list with its console variable refresh rate support a whopping 144hz refresh rate at 4k and HDMI 2.1 connectivity option for the Xbox series x and ps5 console and then they have got the predator XB273U NX, a stunning 1440p monitor with a maximum refresh rate of 240hz and also comes with 95% p3 color gamut which simply means innate color quality.

Lastly, they’ve got the 32-inch predator XB323QK envy which is more or less similar to the nitro 1 with twist-off display hdr 400 support and a 90% p3 color gamut that showcases the fascinating color quality.

Acer takes AMD for a Chromebook spin for the CES 2021 among plenty of other Chromebooks that have appeared in the 2021 CES event this 14-inch Acer spin 514 stands out of the crowd as it incorporates the latest Ryzen 3000C proCESsors and up to Ryzen 7 3700C.

Sony announced its latest Sony Bravia XR TVs

Sony electronics has announced its latest sony bravia XR tvs which offer both 4k and 8k resolutions.

This series of TVs come with the latest cognitive processor XR which uses a completely new processing method designed to replicate the ways humans see and hear.

Besides these TVs will feature HDMI 2.1 compatibility including 4k 120 fps variable refresh rate also low latency mode and e-arc to support higher resolutions and frame rates which is ideal for next-generation ps5 and Xbox one x gaming.


JBL has launched multiple new wireless earbuds at this series event to compete with the airpods pro surprisingly all these earbuds are engineered with adaptive noise canceling and smart ambient technology.

The JBL live pro+ has eco canceling mic technology wireless charging feature and comes in four color options including black, white, pink, and beige.

On the other hand, the JBL live free NC plus offers IPx 7 water-resistant rating wireless charging and comes in four color options that include black, blue. white and rose.

Another one is JBL reflect mini NC TWS which are for six-millimeter drivers air fins for a secure fit and can be used independently.

Lastly, we got the JBL tour pro plus which comes with 6.8-millimeter drivers adaptive ambient awareness and talk through feature as well as a three mic beamforming array for clear voice quality.

JBl has also released a multi-beam soundbar with is the jbl bar 5.0 this is an all-in-one soundbar that has simulated Dolby atmos effects and supports Alexa and google assistant commands.

Besides JBL also said that it will be compatible with amazon’s multi-array music protocol which will let you group echo speakers together.


Lenovo has also refreshed their ThinkPad lineup the newest model to the lineup is a ThinkPad x1 titanium yoga which features a 3:2 aspect ratio 11mm z height and weighs only 1.15 kilograms.

On the other hand, the Thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9 and the ThinkPad x1 yoga gen 6 are both getting the 11 gen, intellectual processors, 16 by 10 displays and a wider trackpad and a larger battery.

On top of that, the yoga gen 6 has got a 360-degree hinge for added versatility finally there is a new ThinkPad x12 detachable 12.3-inch convertible tablet that features up 11 gen intel core i7 CPU with a single Thunderbolt 4 port as well as a second USB type-c port which offers USB 3.2.

Besides the x1 series, Lenovo also announced for the Lenovo Ideapad 5 pro and the Ideapad 5i pro laptops these laptops offer two different processors as the 5 pro is available with andy Ryzen processors while the firefighter pro supports the 11 gen intel counterpart.

Both of them come in 14 and 16 inch models where the 14 inch has got refresh rate of up to 90 hertz while the 16 inch will give you a maximum of 120hz for smooth gameplays.

Besides they have also launched the Yoga AIO7, an all-in-one desktop pc that is powered by AMD Renault 4000h series APUS it also comes with RTS 2060 GPU.

And according to lenovo it can also be used as a standalone 4k smart tv through a future update.

While the last year’s tab p11 pro was aimed at professionals this year at CES Lenovo has remodeled the tablet by labeling it tap p11 and giving it an 11 inch IPS LCD screen that is targeted at families.

The screen is as usual touch enabled and has a native resolution of 2000 by 1200 pixels.

TCL kept the crown in CES 2021 event

The TCL 6 series was a big hit in the previous year and that is why in this year’s CES expo TCL they have introduced the 8k variant with a massive 85-inch display to keep the crown.

With all other features remain more always the same the pricing is just unbelievable as it might be one of the most affordable 8k screens available on the market.

It doesn’t just stop right here as TCL has also showcased their rollable phone concept which normally is a 6.7-inch phone but can expand to up to a 7.8-inch screen and completely transform it into a tablet including the UI.


At CES 2021 HP has debuted various laptops the elite dragonfly g2 offers a 5g connectivity, lightweight design, integrated tile tracking and the hp temporal locked intrusion detection technology.

On the other hand the elite dragonfly max features a 5-megapixel camera with 4 wide-range microphones 5g connectivity and 11 gen intel core processors.

Besides the hp elite folio features an optional 5g connectivity a pull forward mode where the 13.5-inch screen can come forward and magnetically lock into a position closer to your viewing.

Another one is the Elitebook 840 arrow G8 that has an optional 5g connectivity and a starting weight of 2.5 pounds the hp EliteBook x360 3038 will come with 11g intel core processors and an optional UHD OLED display.

While the 14 inches EliteBook x360 1040 G8 will include an option for a UHD hdr display with up to 550 needs of brightness.

Lastly, the hp elite x2 g8 is a two in one tablet series that offers integrated tile tracking and ai based technology for suppressing background noises.


DELL has finally joined the 5k resolution game by launching their ultra-sharp U4021QW which is a 40-inch curved monitor and offers 98% DCI p3 colors with exceptional visuals.

At the down backside this monitor carries a dark station that includes all the necessary ports that you could ever imagine.

And to complement your monitor even more dell also has launched theSB521A soundbar which has got the world’s slimmest design and magnetically attaches below the monitor.

Besides it has got 3.6 watt speakers that can deliver rich crystal clear audio as well.

Panasonic at CES 2021

Panasonic has also teased the latest 4k tv at CES 2021 which is packing an unparalleled surround sound system a beautiful 4k OLED panel and lots of visual technologies such as HDR10 plus, Dolby vision IQ and HDR10 plus adaptive.


Mercedes-Benz presents the MBUX hyper screen the unique screen unit consisting of three apparently seamlessly merged displays is not only the largest human-machine interface but also by far the most intelligent aesthetically impressive and radically easy to operate.

Thanks to improved ai the display and operating system adapts seamlessly to the user and make personalized suggestions for numerous infotainment comfort and vehicle functions depending on the situation.

At this CES we have also seen the PAL V flying car dutch company Palvie thinks it can change that with this liberty flying car at first glance the liberty looks like it took the design of specs from the Audi r8 the Elio p4 however it’s not a helicopter it’s in fact an autogyro.

A type of aircraft first built and flown in the early 1920s.

So that was all about the top 10 brands launched products at CES 2021 just for you. Comment and share with your friends if you found this article helpful